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FAQ – Geothermal FAQs

Geothermal energy is the energy generated by geological sources of heat present in the earth and is considered a form of alternative and renewable energy.

With the term "low enthalpy geothermal" or at low temperature, the systems for heating and cooling the environments using terrestrial heat are identified.

Low enthalpy geothermal energy can support the energy needs of any kind of building.

From private home to large civil engineering complexes, from public authorities to industrial structures. Ideal for both small-sized apartments (apartments) and medium-large (condominiums, offices, companies).

A low enthalpy geothermal plant uses the constant soil temperature.

Throughout the year, in the most superficial layers and up to a depth of about 100 meters, it is between 12 and 17 ° C. This allows to extract heat from the ground in winter and to use it as a cold spring in summer to air conditioning the environments. All in a simple, clean and efficient way: there is no combustion but only heat exchange.

It's inexhaustible: The geothermal system provides hot, cold and sanitary water 24 hours all year round.

It is convenient because with a geothermal system you save up to 70% when compared to a traditional plant such as electric or diesel fuel; And there are no maintenance costs over time. It is a clean energy that does not pollute because it does not emit CO2, carbon dioxide. Respects the environment and does not include invasive structures.

The geothermal geothermal probes, which have a small diameter of 10-12 centimeters.

They take latent heat at a depth ranging from 100 to 200 meters and bring it to the surface at the temperature required by the heat pump to heat the houses. Everything takes place underground, through pipes, without any environmental impact.

Heat exchange between ground and geothermal probes.

It is made by direct contact between the high density polyethylene (high density polyethylene) tubes that carry hot summer and cold winter in the winter and the subsoil at constant temperature.

An average geothermal plant (15: 25 KW) for private use

complete with field (Circulation pumps, inertia tanks, etc.) ranges from a minimum of 1.500,00 € / kW to a maximum of € 2.000,00 / KW.

An apartment of 150 sqm has a thermal requirement of 8 kWp.

With a traditional thermal system the annual expense is € 1,500.00 for heating and € 500,00 for cooling. A 8 kWp geothermal heating and cooling system, considering the tax deduction of 55%, costs € 7,920.00. If we choose energy renewal with the geothermal plant, we will always pay € 2,000.00 per year (like the old traditional plant), but with the difference that half of our spending will pay in the 8/9 year the new plant. So after 8/9 years, we will start saving € 1,100.00 around the year.

Geothermal and photovoltaic plants are certainly complementary.

The latter allow the heat pump and circulators to be fed with direct solar energy.

In theory, the entire Italian territory has features suitable for geothermal reconditioning.

However, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the subsoil. The essential factor is the thermal conductivity of the soil, that is, the ability to transmit heat. Geoenergy specialists (engineers and geologists) are able to assess the actual geothermal resource of the ground.

Below what is needed to realize a geothermal system.

Firstly, to assess whether the logistical and constructive conditions of the home are compatible with the use of this technology, calculate with certainty its energy class; Then prepare a maximum feasibility project with the relevant economic assessments.

Absolutely not".

Geoenergia srl is responsible for the initial indications for regulating the operation of the plant.

Initial Feasibility Assessments

Technical design - execution, testing and monitoring for at least one year of good functioning of the plant, administrative consultancy.

Just entrust the task to Geoenergia srl and it will be our technician to carry out the related practices.

Geoenergia, with all of his group, has done important work for IKEA, realizing geothermal plants for the shopping centers of Milan and Parma; Has built geometry fields for the Groundheat System with the GEO-DX SYSTEM; For georgetic geothermal wells for commercial use; For the Mezzaroma and Monte dei Paschi Group we have realized geothermal wells for residential and office use. Then we worked with many private individuals to build residential geothermal plants.
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