ADVANTAGES – The advantages of geothermal energy

The main advantages of a geothermal energy plant


It does not change the architecture. No external conditioning unit, non-invasive geospatial system, and more room for home walls.


Respect for the environment! No combustion of CO2, no greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction of 20% to 70% of refrigerants.


Cheap savings on energy bills. Real estate revaluation and no cost of management.


Warning to safety: no leakage of gas and no carbon monoxide.


Fiscal Advances: 65% deduction of expenses incurred. Visit the GSE site to get all the information on tax deductions.

Why Geothermal low temperature is the best energy

We have seen the advantages of geothermal energy and how this is the energy generated by geological sources of heat and is considered a form of alternative and renewable energy.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is no more energy efficient and cleaner heating and conditioning system on the market today for the geothermal technology environment.

You can use the energy present in the earth to air-conditioning homes and to produce hot water. Geothermal exploits, by inserting geothermal probes, the latent heat contained in the subsoil at a depth ranging from 100 to 200 meters and bringing it back to the surface at the temperature required for the heat pump to heat our homes using energy geothermal.

On hot days it is possible, thanks to the same heat pump, to get the opposite effect, that is, to cool the rooms even in the presence of high temperatures. The secret of geothermal energy is all in the high technology that allows geothermal exchange with the subsoil.

Geoenergia Srl specializes in the realization of low-enthalpy geothermal plants, ie at low temperatures. Geothermal plants are able to support the energy needs of buildings of all sizes: from private homes to large civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

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