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To provide all of our geothermal services, Geoenergia uses the latest technology. Geoenergia realizes its plants with the exclusive use of drilling machines specifically for the latest generation of Geothermal Energy (Comacchio SpA). These drills are equipped with double counter-rotating head, which allows you to operate on any type of terrain. Perforators guarantee the recovery of the excavation material inside the hole lining tube.
In simpler terms it is a “clean” job, even in the presence of groundwater. There is no dispersion of material or use of chemical additives. On the surface we can collect, in special containers, the material from possibly starting to landfill. The geothermal probes used for the installation of the plant are in high density polyethylene, already pre-assembled with 4 or 2 tubes ready to be laid in the ground at an oscillating depth of 80 to 200 meters.

With this technology, the thermal energy that is extracted from the ground (winter heating phase) and returned in summer (summer cooling phase) is handled by a reversible (hot-cold) “heat pump” in order to achieve a Adequate air conditioning of the various rooms in the house.
It should be emphasized that this technology ensures constant energy efficiency at any time of the year and is superior to any other air conditioning system in use.
Geoenergia has recently successfully tested a new “geo-dx” system, with a horizontal design, with radial copper tubing at a depth of 30/40 meters, compared to the 100/150 of traditional vertical drilling.

Residential Applications

Using geothermal energy for residential use can be done in new buildings as well as in existing homes.
There are no particular realization difficulties. What is really indispensable is to be able to have an outside area of the car park, garden, entrance area where the plant, without affecting its original destination, can be materially realized by inserting it into the vertical terrain of the geosonde provided for in project.
It should be pointed out in this connection that the nature of the soil, which is sandy, rocky or of other nature, does not now constitute an obstacle to imposing the renunciation of the realization or use of another renewable source. It is also to be taken into account that at the residential level, our 100 year-old geothermal installations do not require maintenance and management costs and can be connected to any internal heating system, starting from underfloor systems.
Geoenergia has recently been completed in Rome, near the district of Bufalotta, the largest geothermal plant ever built in the capital. The facility is in support and service of 12 elegant buildings for a total of 150 apartments.

Commercial applications and large installations

The use of geothermal technology is really ideal for heating and cooling large structures. Commercial, productive and exhibitive, open to the public and used for many hours during the day.
The initial investment, although substantial, is justified in spending amortization plans between 5 and 8 years. Then it will make savings in the order of 50/60% compared to any other renewable source. The proof is that big business and distribution realities have resorted to Geothermal Energy to build installations.
Careed by the companies of our Group, in the shopping centers of Corsico (Milan), Ugozzolo (Parma) and Galluzzo (Florence).


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