The Geoenergia Project

The Geoenergia Project is a leading company in the field of drilling and underground engineering throughout the country. With over thirty years of experience and a solid business tradition, he has invested heavily in research, technical instrumentation and staff training. The true strength of our group is the ability to have a wide range of operating machines and industry professionals working in the Group companies: Geoteam and Geoenergia, specializing in the renewable energy sector. The synergy between the companies of the Gruppo Mascetti allows to respond in real time to the different needs of customers, both small and large, maintaining high standards of quality for which it is known and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The Geoenergia Project, which now has over 100 employees, is composed of two companies:

GeoTeam Srl
GeoTeam Srl
Works in the field of design and geognostic, geotechnical, geophysical surveying and in the execution of water wells.
Geoenergia srl
Geoenergia srl
Design and manufacture low temperature geothermal plants for public and private buildings; He also works in the field of underground work, covering the entire field of applied geology.


Geo energy, sensitive to technological development models in harmony with the environment and the protection of workers, acts in every professional field within an organizational framework of high standards of quality and safety.
Geoenergia’s sole administrator, Tommaso Mascetti, is part of the National Council of Geologists in office.

The company operates under quality control with the following certificates:
SOA certification under validity
Certification ISO 9001-2008