Take energy: future is now

The main advantages of a geothermal system:

More flexible

Because it fits all buildings, both public and private. For new buildings and renovations. It is suitable for residential use but also for large industrial complexes.

More convenient

Because you save up to 70% on your bills. Tax benefits: 65% deduction of expenses incurred. Real estate revaluation and no cost of management.

Eco friendly

Because it does not emit CO2. Independence from exhaustive resources and fossil fuels. Impact on the environment very low and no visual impact as energy comes from the ground

Geothermal plants: success stories

Section dedicated to the latest Geoenergia news

News, events, participation in fairs, meetings, congresses. Tales of our latest geothermal installations in Italy and beyond.

The best energy is born from earth

Geothermal installations for heating and cooling of public and private buildings.

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Continuous training!

Geoenergia for the BRICKS project

Geoenergia shares one of the objectives of the BRICKS project with the dissemination of training content aimed at updating professional figures in the construction and energy sectors.

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Geoenergia Video Corporate

The Video Company of Geoenergia

Leader in the field of renewable energy, designs and manufactures low-enthalpy geothermal plants to meet the energy needs of residential buildings and small and large industrial structures.

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Because Low Temperature Geothermal is the best energy

The real revolution has begun

Low enthalpy, or low temperature geothermal, reduces energy consumption by up to 75% when compared to electric heating and diesel fuel.

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