GeoTeam Srl

GeoTeam Srl

GeoTeam Srl works in geognostic, geotechnical, geophysical and water well execution planning and services.

GeoTeam Srl (here site) works in the field of geognostic and geotechnical surveys with special regard to special works in underground. Born in 2003 as the evolution of Tecnogeo Dr. Mascetti. From this previous experience it collects all the fruits matured during a twenty-year activity.

GeoTeam currently covers the entire spectrum of studies, offering a wide range of specific services in the design of civil works. Strong knowledge gained through the experimentation of new working techniques and the use of machine tools specially designed and studied for different work situations, Geoteam s.r.l. Has great experience in carrying out geognostic, geotechnical and geophysical surveys as well as structural, micropiles, anchoring, jet groping, vertical and horizontal drainage, water wells. Being able to have a wide range of highly skilled operators and staffs, it can take part in any activity where there is a need for time constraints, and can use, among other things, synergies of immediate availability by using technologies and means from affiliated companies To the same corporate group:
· Geoenergia S.r.l. Of Frosinone works in the subsoil.

The company operates in a quality control system as:
. certified for Vision 2000 Sincert RT 05
· qualified SOA in class 4 OS 21 category


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